Friday, 21 December 2012 - tourism about List of Budget, Cheap, Economy, Luxury and Star Hotels in Panchgani with about Panchgani Tourist Destination. Any traveler visiting the beautiful hill station Panchgani will be spoilt for choice. It offers innumerable number of accommodation options from resorts and luxury hotels, all the way down to budget hotels. Panchgani is a small town on the way to Mahabaleshwar with an unhurried relaxed charm with its strawberry farms, boarding schools and old british buildings. Stroll across the narrow walkways on a misty morning or while away at the bazaar, Panchgani is one of the rare places that doesn't crowd anyone, yet engulfs you in its own unhurried way and make you feel a part of the charm.

The archetypal colonial hill village, Panchgani was founded in 1854 by a British officer, and was conceived to be a European style health retreat. The vistas that Panchgani open up for you is not limited to certain points or spots but is all around you. The rustic charm follows you where ever you go in this beautiful hamlet. The points in Panchgani are the epitome of the beauty of this place if you want to see it in snapshots! Visit vantage points like Parsi Point, which offers the most picturesque view of the meandering Krishna River; and Table Land, which offers a painting like view of the coastal plains. There are several hotels close to Table Land road that offer easy access to the numerous tourist spots in Panchgani. There are also hotels in Panchgani that offer breathtaking sights of Ravines and lush green Valley. Panchgani Hotel - The tourism portal keep improving and updating information at every few days to set a milestone for advertisement of hotels and resorts in tourism websites. compare Panchgani Hotels Tariff, checkout Panchgani hotels photos and book the best hotel in Panchgani as per your need online with Panchagani Hotel.

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